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Funding your SBIR & STTR award upfront—and anytime after

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Working capital up to

$10 Million

Advanced rates at




What is SBIR or STTR Grant?

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)  is the U.S. government’s primary mechanism for engaging small technology businesses in research and development (R&D) that benefits our nation. Cutting-edge, quick-growth businesses like yours are awarded SBIR or STTR Grant funding to accelerate the development and launch of your exceptional technology.


However, as is the case with many standard government contracts, it could be months before the government actually funds your SBIR or STTR award. Waiting for payment can leave you scrambling to secure the working capital you need upfront to launch the project—or to continue development in Phase II or III of your SBIR or STTR award cycle.

Endeavour is the only firm transacting in the space of SBIR & STTR award financing. As scientists and engineers who have worked extensively on government projects, we understand the unique financial challenges they can present to entrepreneurs.

Our Solutions

Our SBIR & STTR financing team can establish working capital facilities for our clients, with no minimums, and up to $10M. All of our Award financing services include:

Working capital up to
$10 Million
No minimum

Best-in-class financing terms

We typically offer 75% advance rates and ultra-competitive monthly rates.

No ongoing fees

We prefer to build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients rather than nickel and dime them to death with fees. We never charge “program access fees” or any monthly service fees.

Non-dilutive funding

We never ask for warrants or an equity stake in your company. As with our Accounts Receivable Financing Service, you retain full ownership and control of your business.

Efficient process with zero commitment

We fund your award(s) within 10 business days (typically less). We can finance multiple SBIR awards all at once, or you can return later for additional funding. There is no re-application process required.

Upfront funding, before work begins

We can fund your SBIR award right at the outset, before any work begins. You get the working capital you need to make new hires, purchase equipment, and cover related upfront costs to launch your project immediately.

No prepayment penalties

You are free to pay off your loan in full anytime you’d like, without the worry of penalties or additional fees of any kind.

We believe our relationship with Endeavour will help us to expand our operations and move quickly within a dynamic supply chain environment.

This agreement will ultimately help us bring a life-saving product to market more quickly, making our customers’ operations safer.

Caleb Carr
Founder and CEO, Vita